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College Application Essays accepted by Brown University’sJoe WalshBrown UniversityWhen life throws me a curve, I try to find an equation for the best-fit line. Actually, life never really throws me a perfect curve, only a series of data that resembles one. Most people are content by connecting these random dots, forming a…Challenges of the New MillenniumAnonymousBrown UniversityThe advent of the year 2000 signifies a new world of hope and challenges for our country and the planet. With developments in technology such as the Internet, the world is coming closer together than ever. It is vital for the survival of our…A Simple SmileMerudh Vijay PatelBrown University”Merudh, get up, get up!” It was four in the morning, and I was four years old. The heart-pounding sound of my dad’s voice woke me out of a deep sleep. As I peeked through my bedroom door, I saw my father bolt out of our house with my mother in…An Epiphany on College HillMerudh Vijay PatelBrown UniversityAs I stood in front of the fourteen-story Sciences Library, a crisp autumn wind blew across my face. I felt the biting cold rush across my cheeks as the trees lining my path rustled in the gust. I reflected on the campus scene around me and I had…Barefooted BlissMichela A FittenBrown UniversityAt Brown, the Carrie Tower chimes, class beckons, and I walk in barefoot. Barefoot like my abuela, who at the age of seventeen chased down the thief who snatched her purse. Armed with only indignation and pride, her feet pounded the soft earth of…Nikki in the BubbleAnonymousBrown UniversityAs I watched my first black and white print slowly emerge from nothingness, the methodical ticking of the timer behind me, I smiled as a wave of excitement passed through me. Without thinking, I began to dance to the rhythm of the clock. From the…CrapAnonymousBrown UniversityI love crap. I love bad novels and cheap clothes. I love dirty shoelaces and melted candles, junk earrings and instant coffee. It’s about finding the beauty in everything. I find it in palms and tea leaves. I sense Pablo Neruda’s sonnets in my…Imported CultureMichelle SalmanBrown UniversityLower your lids!? Gilad, my drama instructor, paced back and forth on the stage, arms folded over his belly, Israeli impatience rising in his voice. His eyes narrowed, scanned me through bushy slits, and he barked new commands.Let your smile…Safeguarding MemoriesRachael Ji Yoon KimBrown UniversityLeaping over crooked crevices in the sidewalk, my childhood self hopped a few yards ahead of my grandfather. As I paused to scrutinize a colorful candy wrapper, the smell of melting sugar drifted from a small blue cart where an old woman flipped…Creative WritingRachael Ji Yoon KimBrown UniversityAs a young aficionado of poetry and prose, I would love more than anything to develop my skills through a disciplined and distinguished writing program, and Brown offers just that. Believing that one must be a great reader before becoming a great…Ode to a Dictionary (with acknowledgment to Pablo Neruda)AnonymousBrown UniversityOde to a Dictionary (with acknowledgment to Pablo Neruda)You were a gift of language, given to me by my father eight years ago. My dad was traveling to Oxford that year to attend a lecture and asked if I wanted a present. Book-lover that I was, I…Learning to SeeAnonymousBrown University Do you see now The voice rang in my ears as I shook my head for the umpteenth time. My eyes were tightly shut, trying to hold back the tears of anger and frustration. When I opened them again, the world looked to me as it always did; only now…Artist – MeAnonymousBrown UniversityEyes fixed upon the image in front of her, brows slightly furrowed, the girl appeared to be lost in thought. While the others walked on after stopping briefly before the piece, she stood there with her feet glued to the spot. I watched the girl…Grandma’s ClothesAnonymousBrown UniversityWhat a familiar sight, I thought to myself as I subconsciously stopped to stare through the display window. A couple of mannequins were dressed in half-finished garments, surrounded by waves of colourful fabrics cascading down the table. Pools of…Giving Me the BricksAnonymousBrown UniversityMom, I want to take the SAT.? My mom lifted her eyes off the newspaper and looked at me suspiciously. What on earth is the SAT I went on to explain it to her as she stared at me with increasing incredulity, as if I were no longer her daughter…NILMari MiyoshiBrown UniversityPersonal StatementI have sworn on my biology textbook instead of the Bible since my sophomore year because I have an obsession with truth. After reading The Sound and the Fury a month ago I thought that I had the truth of mankind in terms of the…Brain FoodAnonymousBrown UniversityWhy Brown?I consistently bite off more than I think that I can chew, but end up loving what Ive digested. To feed my intellectual appetite I wish to go to a college with endless options and opportunities, and Brown is that college. With Browns…The RaceHenry Fowlkes Weatherly JrBrown UniversitySweat, soiled by dust and tears, seeped down my body as I thrust myself forward. With every breath, my lungs collapsed on themselves. While oxygen poured in through my gaping mouth, I still craved more air. Foot after foot, I trampled down the…Hole DiggerLing ZhouBrown UniversityDo children in China also think that if they dig a hole in the ground, it can go all the way to America I could not help smiling when a little girl asked me this question during my first presentation. I was startled by the fact that people in…Jan the TroubadourAnonymousBrown UniversityThree months into my exchange year in Germany, my friend called me, a little dejected. She wanted to go downtown, and it was clear why. There was still something incredibly rousing, mysterious, and exciting about the European city that had…Opening the DoorAnonymousBrown UniversityWhen I was eleven, I lived in a trailer park full of kids. I preferred reading and writing to playing with them, so pretty often, when they knocked on the door, I would pretend I was doing chores. Then I would resume reading Harry Potter and…The World Through Milton’s EyesAnonymousBrown UniversityWe read Paradise Lost my sophomore year, and ever since then English class has seemed little better than a waste of time. No school-assigned book has been able to compare: Paradise Lost is the only book Ive ever read that I can honestly say…I Call It HomeAyantu RegassaBrown UniversityI wanna go home!? I say as I sit on the kitchen floor watching my mother cook.What do you mean she asks, giving me a questioning look. EthiopiaI dont know.?Home. For most people, the word can be easily defined as the place where they grew…Diverse IdentityAnonymousBrown UniversityDinner is ready!? Every Sunday a member of our family takes a turn choosing what were having for dinner, and today was my turn. My mother had prepared all of my favorite food, from foie gras to sea urchin sushi to satay. As we began eating, my…You are on page 1 of 212Last Page

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