Colgate University Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Colgate University

Future Recommendation
Colgate University
To Whom It May Concern:
[full name] selected Colgate because he believed a large liberal arts college would allow him to explore many fields of study, while the strong community service program would afford unlimited opportunities to continue his…

Life Changing Experiences
Colgate University
Helpless, the fuzzy, fat caterpillar floated in the creek near our house, wriggling bravely in a vain attempt to swim to shore. I took a stick, knelt down and extended it towards him. The caterpillar latched onto it eagerly, then hesitated a…

Ignoring Apples
Brittany Adam
Colgate University
St. Augustine tells us, “It is not true to say that a thing rightly done once should not be changed.” I know this is true because of my experience with my grandfather`s failing health. My grandfather, Sinclair Adam, is a gentleman farmer in…

Watch Me
Callie Adam
Colgate University
I`m sure I have the visiting team`s attention by the time I finish my first lap around the soccer field. Standing in a circle, contemplating my presence, they venture guesses quietly, “Cross country? Lost? Girl`s soccer?” Finishing my second lap,…

A New Life
Konstantin Drabkin
Colgate University
I still remember it like it was yesterday. After seven days of grueling labor pushing my body to its limits, I was proudly walking – no, strutting. As my clean and pressed uniform held my new ribbons for the world to see, I looked up to the stands…

A Dream
Benjamin Gordon
Colgate University
I had a dream last night that my most revered mentors came together to weave their unique threads into the fabric that ultimately became my Common Application essay.
Kurt Vonnegut, my favorite novelist, was in charge of the introduction to this…

The Butter Knife
Sydney Schultz
Colgate University
My mother and I — weary with travel, drained from a day of sightseeing, and armed with only a butter knife — once dismantled a bathroom door in a Paris apartment. We were exhausted, having, in true Schultz family vacation style, walked about 10…

The Shadow
Colgate University
Everyone thinks me strange because I love it all as though it were a person.
I love the quiet road named after my great-uncle Pintor Ruano as though it were my great-uncle himself; I love the old church like an old friend; I love the sound of its…

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