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College Application Essays accepted by DePaul University

Rhinestone-Covered Shoes
DePaul University
It was the first day of third grade at Oakville Christian School. Like every year, I was excited to meet my new teacher, see my old friends, and make new friends. For six children in our class, however, the first day of school was much more…

A Second Chance
Tamanna Haque
DePaul University
Our daily lives are characterized by incidences, changes, perks, and disappointments, and each morning we wait for fate to unfurl. Sometimes an event occurs that changes our whole outlook on life and gives us a new perspective to live by. An event…

Amidst Failure, Success: My Mock Trial Experience
DePaul University
Finally, the long-awaited month of November has arrived. And we all know what that means: the start of another mock trial season. Case reports, opening statements, objections, the whole shebang. It is a time of hard work and diligence, but also…

Andrew Elsakr
DePaul University

There was one playground not too far from my grandparents` apartment in Cairo (the summer home of my childhood) where I wasn`t treated like the quirky, abnormal kid that I was used to being. It wasn`t your ideal picture of a playground, though….

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