Drew University Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Drew University

Awaken Los Angeles
Eric Frenkil

Drew University

The trip had been one of disillusionment. Thirteen Jewish schools paid for us to meet in Los Angeles for five days of service learning, yet I soon discovered that most of the participants had signed-up chiefly to enhance their own college…

Life in a Canoe

Drew University

The thought that nearly eight hours later we would be dragging a canoe through a swamp in the dark never crossed anyone??s mind as we began to film. Clad in American Revolution-era attire, my friends and I made a short crossing of the Town River in…

Discovery on Pine Ridge
Emily Whitney

Drew University

I have been traveling since I was two weeks old. Denver is where I was born, but almost immediately after my adoption, my parents brought me to my home of 17 years, Rhode Island. I have had the fortune and privilege of having parents who love to…

Revlon Red
Stephanie Marie Baron

Drew University

On my dresser, hiding behind a stack of books, is a half-filled bottle of Revlon Red nail polish. I haven??t used it at least a year, not since the day I left it open on a white carpet for my dog to knock over. But last month, after visiting my…

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