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College Application Essays accepted by Duke UniversityOf Life and BasketballBlake MastersDuke UniversityThings are not looking good for the Griffins. They have just lost the slight lead they had over their opponent and they seem extremely fatigued. To make matters worse, there are only a few minutes left in the game. My legs feel weak and tell me…Purpose of EducationAnh PhamDuke UniversityNothing better epitomizes today’s motto of learning than Aristotle’s analysis of education, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” It seems that the fruits of education have bloomed even greater and sweeter than ever before….The Last Lion and MeTim KubarychDuke UniversityIs it possible for a person to be the mentor of another, even if the latter were born twenty one years after the former’s death? The conventional answer to this question would be no, but then, I have always favored the unconventional. For indeed,…PurpleMike MintzDuke UniversityThere are many things in life I could do without: mosquitoes, watermelon seeds, telemarketers, bad weather, cars that won’t start, cold swimming pools, traffic lights, stuffy noses, people who disagree with me, and movies that look good until…The PianoJames YangDuke UniversityThe announcer called my name.I walked up to the stage towards the piano. My footsteps echoed like a metronome through the grand performance hall at the University of Georgia. I had woken up early that morning in January 2002 to spend a couple of…En GardeJason JooDuke University Some consider fencing an outdated sport that has become nothing more than a simple game of electric tag. Others are not as belittling and see it as a modern interpretation of an ancient sport. To me, however, fencing is much more than just a…Finding the Other SideAnonymousDuke University”Ma’am, I just don’t have the money.” I heard a click, and the phone went dead. In middle school, my parents began investing in rental properties, and over time, I became the manager, dealing with the rent, repairs, and complaints for six duplexes…Lessons of Being a SeniorAnonymousDuke UniversityIf you looked into our senior hall, you wouldn’t think that we once had a reputation for being the most socially divided grade. During morning break, we gather in a buzzing, ever-shifting, conglomeration, laughing and talking with everyone around…In Pursuit of HonorAnonymousDuke University After nine years in the public school system, I was used to locking everything away knowing that what I left in the open would be gone when I got back. When I changed schools, I encountered a new environment and a set of rules based on honor…Ten Apples a Day…Keeps Colleges Beating at Your DoorsAnonymousDuke University I eat ten apples a day, cores and all. My love for apples is an integral part of my identity, just like my passion for living, learning, and laughing. My teachers and peers have always recognized my drive; one math teacher even remarked in his…Barefooted BlissMichela A FittenDuke UniversityAt Brown, the Carrie Tower chimes, class beckons, and I walk in barefoot. Barefoot like my abuela, who at the age of seventeen chased down the thief who snatched her purse. Armed with only indignation and pride, her feet pounded the soft earth of…A Battle for ActionAnonymousDuke UniversityThe day was bitterly cold for April in Athens, Georgia. I stopped watching the music on-stage to count the number of people on the field. A sizeable crowd had turned up to the first annual Battle Against Poverty Concert, which I had spent months…An Unforgettable SummerAmit MomayaDuke UniversityWhat came first, science or technology?” asked a tall and husky figure, who was dressed in an unbuttoned and rather threadbare lab coat. My initial response was science because I reasoned that technology was the application of science. An…My Driving PlagueAnonymousDuke UniversityWhat do Walt Whitman, Howard Roark, and I have in common? Passion. Passion for life, for architecture, and for viruses. When I read The Cobra Event in eighth grade, I had a cinematic picture of viruses. I imagined there were millions of deadly…A Community with HonorAnonymousDuke University”What’s honor?” The student’s voice was careless and lazy, punctuated with a shrug of his shoulder. He asked the question without expecting a response, dismissing the very idea. “That doesn’t exist here anymore.” It hurt me to hear one of my…Not Strangers AnymoreAnonymousDuke UniversityMy eyes slowly closed to the last chords of Leonard Cohens Hallelujah? fading from Mr. Connells guitar. It was the first night, and the day had been hectic, but things were going as planned. I looked around the cozy room and saw my classmates…Going Beyond the Land of ExpectationsAnonymousDuke UniversityIn Norton Juster’s novel, The Phantom Tollbooth, the protagonist, Milo, undertakes a journey much like the one many high school seniors find themselves facing today. He isn’t sure of where he is going, and like many of us, he is carried by a sense…My Coffee QuestAnonymousDuke University Last summer when I was sulking in the banal tedium of the suburbs, I challenged my friends to visiting the ten top-ranked coffee houses in Denver. With my proximity to the city, I take every chance I can to experience the movement on the streets…Unfinished SymphonyHang XuDuke UniversityI play the B.A small square office, no more than ten feet wide, holds two upright mahogany pianos sitting back-to-back. The metronome marks the beat, ta-ta-ta-ta, first 100 beats per minute, then 105, 110, working toward 120. The door is closed,…The RideHang XuDuke UniversitySeptember 15, 2002 4:35 P.M.Star 94 FM Real-time Traffic?those heading northwest on Peachtree Industrial should expect major delays due to a gas leak?.?I abruptly change the radio station. What luck! I have moved exactly one mile in ten minutes….The Importance of MentoringCharles Cortwright AhlDuke UniversityAlthough I had assumed that my extensive knowledge of sailing as a sport would allow me to fulfill my role as coach without much difficulty, I learned immediately that I was much more than an instructor: everything I did had an impact on the kids….Crossing the ChasmAnonymousDuke UniversityA crowd of people forms at the entrance of the Eastside High School Gym. A five-foot-eleven, one-hundred-and-sixty-pound, curly-haired freshman shyly makes his way into the sea of faces. Today is tryouts for the Eastside basketball team. Eastside,…The RaceHenry Fowlkes Weatherly JrDuke UniversitySweat, soiled by dust and tears, seeped down my body as I thrust myself forward. With every breath, my lungs collapsed on themselves. While oxygen poured in through my gaping mouth, I still craved more air. Foot after foot, I trampled down the…From Tackle Practice to the BarreAnonymousDuke UniversityI lead a double life. You dont often find someone who both dances and plays football. I suppose that makes me a statistical anomaly, because I go to tackle practice at six a.m. and barre class at six p.m. I love dance because its art with…You are on page 1 of 212Last Page

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