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College Application Essays accepted by Eckerd College

Blue Suede Shoes? No, Red Satin Heels
Katherine Danaher
Eckerd College
Nerves shook through my body as I prepared to introduce Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to 400 people in my town. I closed my eyes, drawing in a deep breath. Senator Sanders cleared his throat, and I looked up with concern. Your shoes are…

An Average October Day
Eckerd College
It was a cool, sunny October day, no different than most. A soccer game was scheduled for that afternoon, and I was getting ready. Rummaging through my room searching for my shin guards, I was the first person in my house to hear the screaming…

Young Entrepreneur
Michael Magnotto
Eckerd College
Throughout my younger years, wearing a blazer, collared shirt, and nice pants to preschool always set me apart from my classmates. As I got older, selling pencils to kids who needed them right before a test sparked my business interest. That…

Walking the Simple Pathway
Anjali Pati
Eckerd College
I had thought of living in simplicity and happiness before, but I never understood its significance until I heard this sentence. I will not allow you to come to my house. I am poor.? I stared and looked at him as my eyes filled with tears,…

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