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College Application Essays accepted by Elon University

The Spring Break That Changed My Life
Kelley Ann Moore
Elon University
Instead of racing off to Florida`s ever popular and over-crowded beaches, I spent my junior year`s spring break sleeping in a room without air conditioning, cold showers, cleaning up trash, picking weeds, and wiping little kids` runny noses….

New Sickness Infects High School Students Nationwide
Suzanne Lassise
Elon University
ELLICOTT CITY, MD— It is 12 AM and parents everywhere believe their teenagers are snug in bed. However, instead of sleeping, their kids are wide awake, studying every ounce of information they could be tested on in a matter of hours. Believing…

A Challenge For My Generation
Elon University
I had no idea my boyfriend and I had broken up until my friends started texting me asking why. Confused, I logged onto my Facebook account. I had a notification saying that my now ex-boyfriend had cancelled the relationship. I also had an inbox…

Fail Forward
Caroline Connell
Elon University
That song is so overdone.?
She is so fierce.?
I totally booked that audition.?
Thespians have earned a reputation for being catty. Sure, we all strut like divas and belt the Wicked? soundtrack, although privately wishing we could sing five notes…

The Weight of Words
Caroline Connell
Elon University
“Acting is a spiritual quest to touch human beings” Larry Moss
Actors hold a tremendous amount of power over their audience; with this power comes a responsibility. Too often, the spoken word is abused and taken for granted. Phrases are strung…

The Toilers of the Sea
Gabriella Calvino
Elon University
One hundred and forty-eight years ago, in the midst of exile on the island of Guernsey, Victor Hugo narrated these words Whatever the goal may be, in earth or in heaven, the whole secret lies in proceeding to that goal? in his novel The…

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