Fairfield University Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Fairfield University

A Commitment to Change
Fairfield University
For most of my adolescent life, I had always hidden behind the somewhat comforting excuses for my weight: “You`re just big boned,” “You just have a slow metabolism,” “Someday you`ll grow into your body.” But there was no denying the obvious truth:…

New People, New Dreams
Amanda Grewer
Fairfield University
I think were lost,? I said to my parents as I stood on the corner of 114th Street and Broadway carrying a large bag of luggage. I stopped confused as to where I was going. I knew I was close; I could tell by the number of people wearing Columbia…

Feel the Music
Fairfield University
The piano is predictable. If I hit the right key, it will play the same note every time, and if I play a song correctly, there will always be harmony. Life is unpredictable and always changing; thus, the piano is a logical safe haven. The piano is…

An escape above the clouds
Steven Becker
Fairfield University
Clunky boots and heavy skis dangling on either foot, I ride up the lift as the blistering cold air whips my burning face. I look up to the immense, dark gray, upstate New York sky, just in time to notice the first few snowflakes of the day…

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