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College Application Essays accepted by Marquette University

The Spring Break That Changed My Life
Kelley Ann Moore

Marquette University

Instead of racing off to Florida`s ever popular and over-crowded beaches, I spent my junior year`s spring break sleeping in a room without air conditioning, cold showers, cleaning up trash, picking weeds, and wiping little kids` runny noses….

Life, in Perspective
Jason Hendrik Esveld

Marquette University

My life journey changed one January morning as I ascended the stairs to my room. An annoying ache had suddenly appeared near my left shoulder, and I was quickly becoming short of breath. At the hospital an hour later, I was diagnosed with a ??…

An Awakening at IncluCity
Peter Bock

Marquette University

On a chilly November afternoon, I stared past the hazy wheat fields of the frozen western Nebraska landscape, pondering the four days that lay ahead of me, unaware that those four days were going to change my life. I shifted awkwardly in my…


Marquette University

Mothers often have an important, unbreakable bond with their children. This is especially true for me. My mom has had the biggest influence on who I am today. She has given me the upbringing that is necessary for me to continue to succeed in life….

Feel the Music

Marquette University

The piano is predictable. If I hit the right key, it will play the same note every time, and if I play a song correctly, there will always be harmony. Life is unpredictable and always changing; thus, the piano is a logical safe haven. The piano is…

From Stomach-Churning to Leadership
Megan Flynn

Marquette University

My stomach lurched violently as if it had been caught on a fishhook and jerked suddenly forward. The scene before me, a bunch of shorts and t-shirt clad high school marching band kids puffing through various instruments, swayed and became blurry,…

Home Away From Home
Laith Nasfat Shehadeh

Marquette University

For many of my friends, summer break means swimming at the local pool and hanging out at our downtown movie theater. Yet for me, summer means traveling 6,000 miles to a completely different country, where I speak a completely different language…

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