Massachusetts Inst. of Technology Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Massachusetts Inst. of Technology

Joe Walsh
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
When life throws me a curve, I try to find an equation for the best-fit line. Actually, life never really throws me a perfect curve, only a series of data that resembles one. Most people are content by connecting these random dots, forming a…

Ocean Engineering: Uniting Man`s Technology with Earth`s Beauty
Stephanie Groleau
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
John F. Kennedy stated in his 1961 Inaugural Address, “Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths…” People in the…

Turning Point
Sikder Samiur Rahman
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
The day before it happened, my father and I went to the historic Bangladesh vs. India cricket match at Bangabandhu National Stadium. It was Bangladesh`s 100th international match-thousands of people attended. We were in the stands, intently…

My Experience in Ecommerce
Michael Wainwright
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
My mother often reminded me that nothing good would ever come from playing video games. As a young child, I dismissed her words as baseless propaganda to coerce me into doing more chores. After all, I was having plenty of fun catching Pokemon on…

Colors of Life
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Yellow – one of the primary colors. It is one hue; it is a million hues. Pale yellow, the color of silt in Chinas River of Life; saffron yellow, the color of Chinese sovereignty for two millennia; tanned yellow, the tint of my skin.
The first day…

Proving myself to… myself
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
I thought I had it all figured out when I began high school. My future, I was convinced, was in psychologya field that has always fascinated me and seemed to be a promising career choice. Before specializing in psychology in college, I planned to…

Think Fast!
Tony Ping
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
It was broken. Teams were gathering in the gym for the regional Science Olympiad competition and my electric vehicle sat useless on the cafeteria table. The motor simply would not spin, even though the lights said the circuit was on. The…

Unexpected Creativity
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
During the art camps Bead and Wire Sculpting class, a fish-shaped frame with wires running across it caught my eye. Carly, whats this
An earring holder,? the freckled girl announced. But I want it to stand up.?
We built a half-dozen wire…

I Call It Home
Ayantu Regassa
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
I wanna go home!? I say as I sit on the kitchen floor watching my mother cook.
What do you mean she asks, giving me a questioning look. Ethiopia
I dont know.?
Home. For most people, the word can be easily defined as the place where they grew…

Real Research
Abubakar Abid
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
I arranged the bottles in front of me: 30% acrylamide, TEMED solution, ammonium persulfate, Tris buffer, and distilled water — all of the materials I needed to run electrophoresis on the protein samples I had isolated earlier that morning. Oh,…

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