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College Application Essays accepted by Northeastern UniversityLast AugustAndrew LovenNortheastern UniversityKimball Farm once had the lightest atmosphere on earth. My problems would dissolve upon entering the ice cream stand and my concerns for the outside world would completely vanish. At work, I worried about simple things, like whether or not we had…The Women Stood In Their DoorsAnonymousNortheastern UniversityThe women stood in the doors looking out at their husbands, who were talking to the landowners. The children gathered behind them, one bare foot on top of the other. They all watched tensely as the negotiation dragged on; their lives hung in the…CrapAnonymousNortheastern UniversityI love crap. I love bad novels and cheap clothes. I love dirty shoelaces and melted candles, junk earrings and instant coffee. It’s about finding the beauty in everything. I find it in palms and tea leaves. I sense Pablo Neruda’s sonnets in my…My life defining momentAnonymousNortheastern UniversityMy mother was diagnosed with cancer. It all started in April of my sophomore year when she complained of exhaustion, nausea, a back ache, and bad breath. I remember the day perfectly. It was Easter morning and my mom was scheduled for a procedure…How Swimming Has Affected My LifeRebecca PapritzNortheastern UniversityGiving up my weekend nights for swim practice was something I was used to by the time I reached high school. Swimming, I felt, was my niche, and with that niche came many sacrifices. Yet, for all the hardships? that came with it, I earned the…FramesBenjamin Howard RatnerNortheastern UniversityNOTE: This essay utilized pictures and graphics which could not be included online. Quiet on the set. Camera ready? Sound ready? Roll camera? speed. Action!? This series of sentence fragments is used to get a film camera recording on a movie set….Suspended in Fetal PositionAnonymousNortheastern UniversityI stare at the seven month old embryo suspended in fetal position in my mothers ultra-sound image. I am amazed and thus unable to look away. This tiny being is confined to the corners of my mothers womb, its umbilical cord still attached to its…ProgressionAnonymousNortheastern UniversityWhen I first met Brandon, Im sure that I was too young to understand autism; but I did know that he was different. At that time, for Brandon at age 4, basic communication was a challenge and his frustration seemed to engulf anyone who attempted…Robotics BrainstormingMark UlrichNortheastern UniversityWaving our banner wildly, we counted down the seconds, not at the homecoming game, but rather the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff. With only six weeks to build, wire, and program a 120-pound machine, my team jumped headfirst into…A ForkRose TranNortheastern UniversityI have encountered a fork. Should I again submit to my fathers demands as I am sent to the kitchen to serve or should I refuse and risk tainting my role as the ideal Vietnamese daughter? I succumb, and fetch a repulsive-smelling platter of duck,…Blue Suede Shoes? No, Red Satin HeelsKatherine DanaherNortheastern UniversityNerves shook through my body as I prepared to introduce Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to 400 people in my town. I closed my eyes, drawing in a deep breath. Senator Sanders cleared his throat, and I looked up with concern. Your shoes are…Summer BusinessJake NolanNortheastern UniversityI stepped out of the train. People pushing and shoving, back and forth, loud noises echoing down the narrow walls into the abyss. Searching for a way to the street, I too pushed my way through the barrage of people searching for the streets above:…My Bare FeetAmanda PottsNortheastern UniversityThere was something about the feeling of that squishy muck squirting through my toes after a heavy rainfall that simply made me feel alive. Or to feel the gritty road pushing against every inch of my sole and the rough gravel digging into my…Sandy’s LessonMichael William BellNortheastern UniversityThere is a special bond that forms between a dog and its owner. Sandy and I were no exception. That was why I wasn’t really surprised when my mom told me the news. In a way, I already knew. My family got Sandy when I was six, so she was a part of…Diverse IdentityAnonymousNortheastern UniversityDinner is ready!? Every Sunday a member of our family takes a turn choosing what were having for dinner, and today was my turn. My mother had prepared all of my favorite food, from foie gras to sea urchin sushi to satay. As we began eating, my…The Outdoors and LifeAnonymousNortheastern UniversityI was practically born on the river. Both of my parents were extreme whitewater raft guides, and they passed on their love of the river and nature in general to me. From a young age, my parents took me rafting on rivers like the San Juan, the…Words Speak Louder Than ActionsKathryn GundersenNortheastern UniversityJust like many others, I’ve spent my life hearing the hackneyed phrase actions speak louder than words.? Based on personal experience, however, I’ve decided that I disagree. I believe that words are magic. Not magic in the conventional sense; a…4’11 ForeverAnonymousNortheastern UniversityWhen my mom gave birth to me, I weighed in at nine and a half pounds and measured twenty-two inches. One could say I was pretty big for a newborn, but whenever I tell this story, it is soon followed by a: And thats pretty much when I stopped…Les Grandes Personnes Aiment Les ChiffresAnonymousNortheastern UniversityI grew up in a nonreligious household, but for as long as I can remember, Ive been taught to worship my academics as the key to my success in the future. Instead of praying 5 times daily or memorizing biblical verses, nearly every day my mother…Common App Essay- Central StoryAnonymousNortheastern UniversityIt happened out of sheer stubbornness. Seemingly overnight, I went from being a cross country runner to the girl on crutches. I thought it was just a cramp. All runners have them from time to time, no big deal, right? I stopped running, stretched…ReaderAnonymousNortheastern UniversityOn January 14th, 2002, my father stopped reading to me. Early on, my bibliophile father decided he would never dictate a lesson or give me an answer, but rather that I would learn through literature. Every celebration, every birthday or holiday I…Failure -Is That Still a Thing?AnonymousNortheastern UniversityI dont believe in failure. I dont believe that it is possible to mess something up so entirely that nothing good can come of it. If I make a mistake, I learn from it. If I’m not as good as I want to be at something, I work that much harder at…The Difference Between Throats and ToesSarah TokosNortheastern UniversityThe wind whipped across my face, grabbing the hair I had attempted to coax into a ponytail, pushing it into my mouth, and tangling it around my neck. Water splashed with unrelenting ferocity off the blade spinning desperately in my hands. My…Drawing PerspectiveVincent AnNortheastern UniversityThe entire external world is a blur. There is nothing but the sound of lead scratching paper that may occasionally break the soothing sound of silence. Everything has lost its relevance – everything except the mess in front of me. As my eye traces…You are on page 1 of 212Last Page

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