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College Application Essays accepted by Providence College

Culture Shock
Providence College
I wake up occasionally to the sound of a rooster crowing. I live in Hartford, the only real city in Connecticut and I wake to the sound of a rooster crowing. I am alone when I wake up and there is sunlight pouring into the room. I know when I go…

A Commitment to Change
Providence College
For most of my adolescent life, I had always hidden behind the somewhat comforting excuses for my weight: “You`re just big boned,” “You just have a slow metabolism,” “Someday you`ll grow into your body.” But there was no denying the obvious truth:…

Del Kon tee?
Cornelius N. Toe
Providence College
Del Kon tee. Everything takes time.
Whispered and spoken to me in hundreds of instances, it took me seventeen years to comprehend the essence and purpose of this phrase. Surrounded by sounds that many children my age have only heard in war movies,…

Blue Suede Shoes? No, Red Satin Heels
Katherine Danaher
Providence College
Nerves shook through my body as I prepared to introduce Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to 400 people in my town. I closed my eyes, drawing in a deep breath. Senator Sanders cleared his throat, and I looked up with concern. Your shoes are…

My Bare Feet
Amanda Potts
Providence College
There was something about the feeling of that squishy muck squirting through my toes after a heavy rainfall that simply made me feel alive. Or to feel the gritty road pushing against every inch of my sole and the rough gravel digging into my…

Home Run
Kevin Tente
Providence College
Home run!? my teammate yelled, laughing.
I winced, trying to hide my embarrassment; a home run would have been great if I had been playing baseball, but I was at my first high school tennis practice, and instead of the ball ending up on…

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