Purdue University Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Purdue University

Overwhelming Odds
Jacob Fulwider
Purdue University
When I joined my high school basketball team as a freshman, I had no idea the kinds of perseverance I would need to make it through even a couple weeks of practice. As the practices went by, I started to really listen to what the coach had to say,…

Two Different Paths
Kristina Bjornson
Purdue University
Art and mathematics — two very different subjects and paths to take in life — are my two passions. I have loved art and the process of creating it my whole life, and I know that I want to make it part of my future career. I also enjoy the…

Brian Goss
Purdue University
Most kids in the world dream of becoming an extremely successful adult in a career when they are older. But what most of these kids do not know is how to get there. This is not the case with me. I know how I plan to become a successful member of…

My Story
Purdue University
Alone and terrified, I lay there trying to recall the events that had just happened in my own bedroom, in my own bed. Where I used to feel the safest now made me tremble with fear. My breathing became slow, almost non-existent.
Finally, the words…

Not Your Average Jock
Purdue University
Out of breath, I settle down in my three point stance. Everyone on the line is pointing and yelling to say who they are blocking. On the snap of the ball I exert all my energy to push the other opponent into the ground. While football may seem…

Sharad Mukerji
Purdue University
Millions long for immortality but do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon,? sharing her views on life, Susan Ertz describes the force that has the ability to unify all of humanity. Life, the cool summer dew forming on…

Purdue University
The animated clip flashes by and for a few seconds she rises, facing a creature several times her size that she has no chance of defeating. But still she stands. Something about her position tells the viewer that, despite her fear, she will win….

Life at Rivercourt
Caley Dempsey
Purdue University
At first I just sat and watched, dreading the moment Susan would ask me to scream out numbers. But as promised, she gave me a little nudge and told me it was my turn to call. “B-7, B-7” I said in a timid voice, scared to speak any higher than a…

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