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College Application Essays accepted by Reed College

Thinking Globally
Angela Viti Beckon
Reed College
Recently, my family unearthed a home video on an old Beta tape from when I was three years old. In the video, I was sitting on my dad`s lap with a globe in front of me, and he was asking me to point out different countries. “Where`s Vanuatu?” or…

Playground Pillage
Daniel Dolgicer
Reed College
I arose unusually early that morning, rather disheveled. My typically straight and stagnant hair had deteriorated into a lopsidedness that seemed to defy the laws of physics. My pajamas, generously dotted with dinosaurs of the multicolored…

My First Flight
Robin Bates
Reed College
“Northwest, this is La Crosse Tower. Hold-short runway three-one for Cessna on final.”
Knowing that I had personally delayed a plane full of commercial passengers on my sixteenth birthday was not what I had in mind for my first solo flight….

Imported Culture
Michelle Salman
Reed College
Lower your lids!?
Gilad, my drama instructor, paced back and forth on the stage, arms folded over his belly, Israeli impatience rising in his voice. His eyes narrowed, scanned me through bushy slits, and he barked new commands.
Let your smile…

Why Reed?
Reed College
I glanced upward from my computer and saw a wall covered with posters, each displaying a beautiful computer modified image of a college campus. One of them struck me for months. It was a clear aerial view of a field of green trees dotted by…

Life`s Obstacles
Reed College
I grew up with my grandparents in a rural town near the coast of eastern China. I have never seen my biological father. This is not an obstacle, however, because my mother has always been my source of motivation. She first introduced me to the…

The Strange and The Familiar
Reed College
It was to my temporary Italian address that a package arrived in mid-November. Even though it had been only a couple of months, I had yearned for something to read as a respite from the unending flow of Italian, which inundated my still-untrained…

The Garden
Avril Carrillo
Reed College
I had never before seen a sleeping bee. Yet there it was, nestled among lavender petals. I could see the yellow pollen dusting the bees delicate wings. As I looked around, I could see other life in the garden settling down as well. The constant…

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