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College Application Essays accepted by Saint Louis University

Finding Your Animal Totem
Brad Boyle

Saint Louis University

“On Thursday,” announced my religion teacher, “we will be going to the zoo to find our animal totems.” For those that don??t know, an animal totem represents the Native American belief that each person has a connection to a specific animal. I was…

Not Your Average Jock

Saint Louis University

Out of breath, I settle down in my three point stance. Everyone on the line is pointing and yelling to say who they are blocking. On the snap of the ball I exert all my energy to push the other opponent into the ground. While football may seem…

Find Your Own Calcutta

Saint Louis University

The most important part of my life began nearly a hundred years ago, in a city I have never visited, with a woman I have never met.
Picture 1920s New York City: the prime era of renewal, jazz, and the beginning of the 20th century feminist…

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