SUNY Albany Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by SUNY Albany

How Swimming Has Affected My Life
Rebecca Papritz
SUNY Albany
Giving up my weekend nights for swim practice was something I was used to by the time I reached high school. Swimming, I felt, was my niche, and with that niche came many sacrifices. Yet, for all the hardships? that came with it, I earned the…

My Caretaker
Jacky Lam
SUNY Albany
As a native of New York City, my use of the subway system is an inevitable aspect of life. By the age of five, riding the subway was not a new phenomenon for me. Day after day, I went many places with my mother and sister. Although these places…

Rising Above Defeat
SUNY Albany
“I`m not spending money on piano lessons,” said my mother. “It will be a waste of time and money since your hands are too small and stiff.” The condescending smile on her face enraged me.
I felt a sudden impulse to bang at the black and white…

The Life of Church Music
Brandon J. Morgan
SUNY Albany
“See you on Sunday, Brandon,” Pastor Park says. After gathering my things, I shake his hand appreciatively and leave through the exit at side of the sanctuary. The pastor closes the broad, brown doors as best as he can, but they never quite meet…

My Window of Opportunity
Ashma Shahid
SUNY Albany
I never took the saying “window of opportunity” literally until I walked up to the “pick up” window at my local CVS. Better yet, there were two windows, one for “drop off” as well. These windows served as a sneak peek to the world behind the…

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