The University of Iowa Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by The University of Iowa

Growing Up
Kristina Bjornson

The University of Iowa

High school is a time of confusion for almost everyone. At times it seems that nothing is clear or simple. There is confusion about who you are, what your personal moral code should be, why life can sometimes be so hard, and what your future could…

The Performance Changed the Performer

The University of Iowa

Two flamboyant characters sat in the center of the first row; I saw their hands dancing wildly in the air while I tiptoed quietly into the theatre so as not to pop their bubble of eccentricity. However, the heavy door??s loud click as it closed…

From Stomach-Churning to Leadership
Megan Flynn

The University of Iowa

My stomach lurched violently as if it had been caught on a fishhook and jerked suddenly forward. The scene before me, a bunch of shorts and t-shirt clad high school marching band kids puffing through various instruments, swayed and became blurry,…

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