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College Application Essays accepted by Tufts UniversityFeeding the HomelessDavid SauvageTufts UniversityI do no know to what extent the actual “services” help the community. I don’t know how many sandwiches need to be served or children need to be clothed before we–acting as humans, not as citizens–put any dent in the problems. However, for the…College DietRenata De SousaTufts UniversityWhy do most diets fail? As a veteran dieter with nearly eight years’ experience, I have acquired enough knowledge to answer this question. Those who readily jump into new diets are looking to realize possible goals through impossible methodology….Why TuftsDavid SauvageTufts UniversityTufts is the most balanced school I have seen in my “college search.” I do not necessarily want a campus inside a city (Columbia, University of Chicago), or a campus proud of the nothingness that surrounds it (Bard, Bowdoin). Tufts is the perfect…An Urbanite UpbringingDaniel Gregory DolgicerTufts UniversityNew York City is a place of vitality, the Rome of the new millennium. As more of a global city than an American one, it possesses a certain mystique on the world stage. Children in New York City are privy to realities that are foreign to…Tufts: Undergraduate EdificationDaniel G. DolgicerTufts University Offering a wide array of courses, Tufts University is an institution where I can pursue my diverse interests in satisfying detail. The esteemed professors, exemplary facilities, and noble mission of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy create…A Simple SmileMerudh Vijay PatelTufts University”Merudh, get up, get up!” It was four in the morning, and I was four years old. The heart-pounding sound of my dad’s voice woke me out of a deep sleep. As I peeked through my bedroom door, I saw my father bolt out of our house with my mother in…Tufts: The Perfect Fit for my PersonalityDaniel DolgicerTufts University Offering a wide array of courses, Tufts University is an institution where I can pursue my diverse interests in satisfying detail. The esteemed professors, exemplary facilities, and noble mission of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy create…A Message to a TerroristVetan KapoorTufts UniversityConfusion and panic were clearly visible. People were running around frantically, shouting and screaming. Everyone was in a hurry. Nobody knew what was going to happen. We were all scared. Fall Fiesta was almost upon us. The thirty or so students…DrivenVetan KapoorTufts UniversityIt was an exhilarating moment that set my heart aflutter. I had in my head an image of James Bond, speeding down a foreign highway in pursuit of justice, a dazzling femme-fatale steering the car ahead of him. As soon as the car stuttered to a…Embracing CuriosityAnonymousTufts UniversityTo my knowledge, curiosity never actually killed a cat. The 1920 Eugene O’Neil play, “Diff’rent,” did include the metaphor, “Curiosity killed a cat!” but more importantly was followed by, “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” If O’Neil…Wanted: Intellectual PassionAnonymousTufts University When I was young, I played golf with my dad in the summer, and people always told me I had a beautiful follow-through, but I never took the game seriously. After Sophomore year, however, my view on golf changed. I became obsessed, yet frustrated…Fairness and JusticeAnonymousTufts UniversityFairness is a quality that I try hard to embody, and I admire those who demonstrate the impartiality necessary to be just. But people often mistake impartiality as the defining characteristic of someone who is fair. Empathy is more essential…Sticks and StonesAnonymousTufts UniversityWhen my younger brother, James, was five years old, Jack Nierman bit him while they were playing in our favorite playground. I was sitting atop the monkey bars when I saw it happen. I swung down and pushed Jack away, then dragged my screaming…Growing UpAnonymousTufts UniversityI have grown up in a household with parents who come from very different backgrounds. My father??s grandparents were first generation German immigrants, and holidays and family gatherings were of the utmost importance when my Dad was growing up….Ode to a Dictionary (with acknowledgment to Pablo Neruda)AnonymousTufts UniversityOde to a Dictionary (with acknowledgment to Pablo Neruda)You were a gift of language, given to me by my father eight years ago. My dad was traveling to Oxford that year to attend a lecture and asked if I wanted a present. Book-lover that I was, I…A Wave of DiversityAhmad KadhimTufts UniversityI once delightedly boasted of Dubai??s cohesive society ?? a medley of well-educated British businessmen, Emiratis adapting their lifestyles to the ever-changing social landscape, Southeast Asian workers fuelling the massive demand for cheap labor,…Learning to smile through tearsEmaan AhmadTufts UniversityIt was two weeks before my 8th birthday and my little head was overflowing with dreams of Barbie??s, toys, cakes, and princesses. The invitations had been mailed, the pink cake had been ordered, and I was convinced that my princess-themed party was…"We’ve Done It."Wong Jia Yi GeraldineTufts UniversityI wish I could do it all but I??m no superwoman; I??m just an ordinary girl with 24 hours a day. Deciding to write and direct for DramaFest, an intra-school Drama competition, meant sacrificing other clashing commitments including leading in…Les Grandes Personnes Aiment Les ChiffresAnonymousTufts UniversityI grew up in a nonreligious household, but for as long as I can remember, I??ve been taught to worship my academics as the key to my success in the future. Instead of praying 5 times daily or memorizing biblical verses, nearly every day my mother…Drawing PerspectiveVincent AnTufts UniversityThe entire external world is a blur. There is nothing but the sound of lead scratching paper that may occasionally break the soothing sound of silence. Everything has lost its relevance – everything except the mess in front of me. As my eye traces…A Game of TetrisVincent AnTufts UniversityAs a prospective architecture student, I aspire to pursue both the aesthetic side of the discipline and the scientific nuts and bolts of design. At Tufts, I can live at the intersection of architecture and the humanities by taking courses such as…When I was fourteen I became an arms dealer, of sortsMatthew C McDermottTufts UniversityWhen I was fourteen I became an arms dealer, of sorts. While other kids played video games, I inadvertently started a business. It began when my overprotective mother refused to let me and my brother have the Nerf guns that were so popular at the…Another Page in HistoryAnonymousTufts UniversityIt’s 4:55 on a Thursday morning when you hear a shrill ring pulse through the room. You rub your eyes groggily, praying that the noise will go away soon, when a dim light blinks on. Roommate #1 climbs out of her bed and finally, blessedly, turns…My Two WorldsAnonymousTufts UniversityI grew up in the most All-American suburban town imaginable. My father, a former quarterback, married Miss Talladega County; they settled down in Vestavia Hills with the expectation that their first child would be a sweet, Southern belle with a…You are on page 1 of 212Last Page

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