University of Alabama Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by University of Alabama

Tiempo de la Familia: My Profound Impact
Charles Mitchell Parrish
University of Alabama
A thousand miles away from home, I sat in a cramped apartment littered with Bruce Springsteen CDs, listening to my Spanish home-stay family talk about their day. Every evening, just before dinner, the four of us would gather for tiempo de la…

Being Rosalind
Piper Elizabeth Hill
University of Alabama
At the top of the page were the words Rosalind Piper Hill.? My head began to spin. I had been hoping for Phoebe or Celia, or even Audrey. But I was certainly not expecting the lead. A lead certainly, but the lead? No way. I was expecting a…

Timeless Nowhere
Renee Gabriela Perez
University of Alabama
A honeybee buzzes: her wings, like a snare, pattering frantically against a tile that reflects the dim glow of a rising sun. Suddenly aware that I am the sole witness of this moment, I ponder the movement of her life and her death as the drumming…

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