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College Application Essays accepted by University of California – Santa CruzAikido College EssayCameron Burgess CleggUniversity of California – Santa CruzAs I watch my opponent pace back and forth, I steady myself, appear indifferent, and slow my breathing. Suddenly, he lunges, taking hold of my wrist so that I may not block his punch. I think, “Don’t flinch! You’ve done this one hundred times…Roots and Shoots – Helping to Save the EnvironmentEllen Maureen GeogeUniversity of California – Santa Cruz The growling clouds had barely begun to slink away from the rain-lashed sky when a pale face bounded gleefully to the soggy window, her smile reflected in the prismatic droplets clinging to the glass. There was only one thing on her mind today:…Willow TreeAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzJune 4th 20065:50amThe volunteers in the red shirts direct us to enter our corrals. It’s race time. Twenty-three thousand of us cram into our assigned areas and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, no room to move. I know what lies in waitfifty-four…Communications and LeadershipScott LemoineUniversity of California – Santa CruzGood morning Torrey Pines! Its a beautiful Monday, 77 degrees and partly cloudy.? My voice echoed throughout the campus and every classroom, as it was my responsibility to do the morning announcements each day in my position as Senior Class…Special OlympicsScott LemoineUniversity of California – Santa CruzNeither Ray nor I knew what miracles were possible. At one hundred and eighty-five pounds, five foot ten inches tall, and a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome, Ray was a Special Olympic athlete with a dream to become a champion, but his mental…Learning on the Fish FarmJonathan Lee TsaiUniversity of California – Santa CruzTattooed in my memory are the shrill rings of my alarm clock set to exactly 6:00 AM every day, submerging half my 110 pound body into the sub-zero water, fish half my size splashing muddy water onto my pale face. Most kids enjoy the freedom that…The World of ScienceAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa Cruz What started as a simple chemistry project turned into a huge part of my life for two and a half months. Amanjeet, my partner, and I spent at least two hours each day in our school laboratory measuring acids and bases, calculating pH levels, and…The Perfect Role ModelJeanette LowUniversity of California – Santa CruzOpen-Ended This question seeks to give students the opportunity to share important aspects of their schooling or their lives – such as their personal circumstances, family experiences and opportunities that were or were not available at their…SurfingAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzIm a surfer, which means I spend many hours a week in the vast Pacific Ocean that meets the San Francisco County shoreline. I know my coastline like the back of my hand. I know the texture of the smooth, slimy kelp that flourishes in our frigid…Personal StatementAmir Ali BolouryazadUniversity of California – Santa CruzIt was supposed to be a simple interview for entering a high school, but it felt like a grueling interrogation. In addition to having a high GPA, I had to go through two other hurdles; pass a test on seven different subjects, and go through the…My New York City ExperienceAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzAs I headed towards the corner of 58th Street and 9th Avenue, towards one of the various Rays Pizza restaurants scattered about New York City, I saw a bicyclist cut off a taxi driver in rush hour traffic. Normally, this violation would result in…My First ComputerAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzI became interested in physics when I built my first computer, around the age of 13. A friend and I purchased the parts individually and assembled them to create a computer more powerful than anything then available commercially. Like surgeons, we…The ValleyAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzWe have a saying here in The Valley: The world will take us where we want to be. In essence, this little bit of wisdom accurately embodies the world I come from, what it has taught me, and the many ways in which it has shaped my dreams,…Irish DanceNicole Barnett FossierUniversity of California – Santa CruzThe stage trembled under the rhythmic tapping of wood on wood as glossy ringlets bounced in the summer sun. After an energetic jig, a dozen grinning and giggling girls filed past me in their sparkling dresses. Meanwhile, I anxiously adjusted the…Two TraditionsAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzI open my front door and the rich perfume of pine needles fills my nose. I step in, close the door behind me, and smile at the familiar scene. To my left sits the Christmas tree, covered in various decorations, ranging from tiny tin stars to…Uk¶hsuthaAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzGo fish.? The vibrant smell of freshly crushed Roma tomatoes and oregano splashes across the dusty kitchen, letting me know that its time to stir the red sauce for tonights lasagna. Silence. My opponent stares defiantly. How dare I insult her…Finding an AllegianceAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzAfter the September 11, 2001 attacks, the United States ceased to be the backdrop to my life and instead became an ideal, a cause, a veritable force. The autumn parade in my town, which had previously been a ragtag band of candy-throwing Girl…A Fire to be KindledAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa Cruz<BLOCKQUOTE>The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.? –Plutarch</BLOCKQUOTE>I asked everyone how to write a perfect college essay. Show your passion,? they said. Proofread? was another common admonition. The…Personal Statement EssayAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzYoure in the wrong line, Melody!? my former classmate shouted across the blacktop. Heads turned and people stared, and my blushing cheeks complemented my hot pink shirt. I felt embarrassed and proud at the same time. On a hot September day in…Personal StatementOlivia PalmerUniversity of California – Santa CruzIm not one of those universally recognized teenagers that most people talk about, the super-student who is academically ingenious and involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Im more humble about what Ive achieved, but I take pride in…Political Advocacy as an InternAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzShark Day 2011. 100 miles from the ocean, but the fate of the top predator of the oceans, key to the health of marine ecosystems, would be decided right here in Sacramento. The role I got to play on Shark Day was cutting off the tags that said …Failure IS SuccessAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa Cruz”You are next.” The words of the referee still resonated in my mind as I walked across the soccer field. After 90 minutes of intense play, the score was still tied. The outcome of the game was in my hands. Coach Alcaraz had entrusted me with the…Foreign DreamAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzMy family and I immigrated to the United States when I was just seven years old. Although it was very hard for my parents to leave their home and family behind in El Salvador, they were motivated to give me and my siblings a better life in the…MetamorphosisAnonymousUniversity of California – Santa CruzWhen I first landed in America to live with my mother after being raised by my grandparents, I was in third grade and knew only a handful of English words. As a single parent, my mother had to leave for work early every morning, while I went to…You are on page 1 of 212Last Page

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