University of Delaware Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by University of Delaware

Passion for Music
University of Delaware
Passion is an essential part of anyones life. People turn passions into lifestyles and careers and allow their passions to develop and define who they are. Medical doctors are passionate about the human body, lawyers are passionate about the…

University of Delaware
When I first met Brandon, Im sure that I was too young to understand autism; but I did know that he was different. At that time, for Brandon at age 4, basic communication was a challenge and his frustration seemed to engulf anyone who attempted…

Dream to Race
Paige Dougherty
University of Delaware
Turning around the sharp corner and onto the straightway, the car next to me, number 32, inched closer and closer to the inside of the track, forcing me to move to the outside. While trying to speed up my pace around the next curve, my cars front…

Dylan John Amador
University of Delaware
Miles inward from the shimmering white beaches of Hawaii, I trekked along beaten island roads to my destination – a small animal refuge playfully named the Boo Boo Zoo.? As the car pulled up, a heterogeneous mix of cats and chickens inhabited the…

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