University of South Carolina Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by University of South Carolina

Stick With Me
Amanda Craig Hudson
University of South Carolina
As I sit staring with droopy eyes at my computer, the mere thought of having to write another 1000 word essay describing the most influential person in my life? or a time that I made a bad decision? makes me cringe. With seven essays down, and…

The Performance Changed the Performer
University of South Carolina
Two flamboyant characters sat in the center of the first row; I saw their hands dancing wildly in the air while I tiptoed quietly into the theatre so as not to pop their bubble of eccentricity. However, the heavy doors loud click as it closed…

Francis Roy Graham
University of South Carolina
Some of the most heroic people are those who arent tremendously famous. In 1941, after three prisoners had escaped a work camp, the SS selected ten men to die of starvation in an underground bunker in order to discourage escape attempts. Among…

Dream to Race
Paige Dougherty
University of South Carolina
Turning around the sharp corner and onto the straightway, the car next to me, number 32, inched closer and closer to the inside of the track, forcing me to move to the outside. While trying to speed up my pace around the next curve, my cars front…

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