Ursinus College Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Ursinus College

Discovery on Pine Ridge
Emily Whitney

Ursinus College

I have been traveling since I was two weeks old. Denver is where I was born, but almost immediately after my adoption, my parents brought me to my home of 17 years, Rhode Island. I have had the fortune and privilege of having parents who love to…

Ten Facts about Cindell
Cindell Corbeil

Ursinus College

1. At four, her dad left a pot of coffee on the counter (a pot meaning twelve cups) while he went upstairs to take a shower. She climbed on the counter, took out a mug and drank the entire thing by herself. When her father came back downstairs he…

The Gift of Translation

Ursinus College

One of the most important books in the world is The Records of the Grand Historian. Written by Sima Qian in the first century B.C., it elucidates more than two thousand years?? worth of Chinese history. The story behind Qian??s masterpiece is…

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