Whitman College Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Whitman College

A Night at the Fifth Avenue
Brian D. Earp
Whitman College
Midnight was two hours old before I could finally peel out of my costume. The prosthetic nose and glue-on beard tore at my skin as I tugged them off, and they quickly joined the clutter on the bathroom floor: a tired pile of mismatched robes,…

The Listening Party
Brian D. Earp
Whitman College
My brother lives in a “gated community,” one of those manufactured neighborhoods. It was like we were driving through the streets of a toy city, a miniature suburb built for the amusement of a god-sized obsessive compulsive. I myself was steering…

Thinking Globally
Angela Viti Beckon
Whitman College
Recently, my family unearthed a home video on an old Beta tape from when I was three years old. In the video, I was sitting on my dad`s lap with a globe in front of me, and he was asking me to point out different countries. “Where`s Vanuatu?” or…

Saving the River
Conor O`Sullivan
Whitman College
One Sunday morning in March 2008, I dug into the recesses of the Bakersfield Californian to find an opinion article stating the possibility that our river could flow again after two dry years. A full river? My mind drifted back to when I could…

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