Wofford College Admissions Essays – College Application Supplement Essays, Prompt, Examples

College Application Essays accepted by Wofford College

The Spring Break That Changed My Life
Kelley Ann Moore
Wofford College
Instead of racing off to Florida`s ever popular and over-crowded beaches, I spent my junior year`s spring break sleeping in a room without air conditioning, cold showers, cleaning up trash, picking weeds, and wiping little kids` runny noses….

Savannah Marie Mack
Wofford College
There I am, sitting, hidden by a black tenderly loved and cared for music stand, surrounded by clamorous and obnoxious noises. Sitting and waiting for what seems like an eternity. To my left I hear skweaks and high pitched screeches. To my right I…

An Average October Day
Wofford College
It was a cool, sunny October day, no different than most. A soccer game was scheduled for that afternoon, and I was getting ready. Rummaging through my room searching for my shin guards, I was the first person in my house to hear the screaming…

Atrocity in Paradise
Jordan Curry
Wofford College
The finely milled sand was white-hot, almost as if a billion microscopic pieces of the sun had rained down and settled beneath the soles of my feet. As I scanned the beach, I took a deep breath of the muggy air, letting the dampness settle in my…

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